The Vineyard

Family Grown Grapes in Southwest Minnesota

Itasca grapes are grown with love and care from Fish Lake, Minnesota. Turning this property into a vineyard has been a dream and a learning experience while cultivating the ground and turning this space into a place to share with others.

Coming soon:

Join us for tastings, events or stay at our Airbnbs with this view in your backyard.

Our Beginning

Dr. Rod and Debby Dynes are the owners of this beautiful property and helping us farm their land along with their grandchildren (as pictured).

Our Dream

Kim and Zach grew up in this corner of Minnesota and dream of bringing people together in this beautiful prairie. There's plenty more to come as a local venue, vineyard, and event center.

Thanks for joining us on our journey,

hope to clink our glasses with you soon,

Rod, Debby, Zach & Kim

Our Location

Poised above a private pond and Fish Lake, come experience a true Minnesota summer with a stay at our Airbnb, walking the vines and savoring the sweet taste of Midwest wine.

Our Process

Our girls have been a part of every step of this story, from clearing the land, planting the first vine and helping each part grow as they grow too.

Co-founders of The Vineyard

Though this father and son team both studied medicine, they've enjoyed getting their hands dirty with the soil and hard work of turning this swampland into a suitable place to grow grapes. Dr. Rod Dynes and Dr. Zachariah Dynes are the co-founders of this vineyard and in charge of all operations.